High Plains Harmony Youth Festival

10:00am, Sat, Jun 15 2024

  • Program
  • Start timeActivityMusicMinutesRun byDetails/Notes
    10:00amIntroduce group 5Laura LewisWhy we are here
    10:05amPhysical warm-ups 10  
    10:15amVocal warm-ups 25Julie Palagialignment, breathing, resonance.
    10:40amOpening Song 5 Surround Sound
    10:45amClass Instruction 10Laura LewisHIstory of Barbershop
    10:55amClass InstructionOne Song At A Time (B♭)25Annette LambrechtBBS Balance & Part Characteristics w/Surround Sound
    11:20amSection rehearsalOne Song At A Time (B♭)25 Surround Sound
    11:45amDuet SectionalsOne Song At A Time (B♭)20 Surround Sound
    12:05pmLunch 50 Lunch - provided
    12:55pmClass Instruction 15Annette LambrechtHow to Take a Pitch
    1:10pmDuet SectionalsYou've Got a Friend In Me20 Surround Sound
    1:30pmSection rehearsalYou've Got a Friend In Me25 Surround Sound
    1:55pmRehearse songYou've Got a Friend In Me30Laura Lewis 
    2:25pmClass Instruction 15Laura LewisHealth Benefits of Singing
    2:40pmRehearse songOne Song At A Time (B♭)30  
    3:10pmChorus Rehearsal 20 Break and GH, Blend, Windsong in seperate rooms
    3:30pmChorus RehearsalOne Song At A Time (B♭)20  
    3:50pmChorus RehearsalYou've Got a Friend In Me20 And Surround Sound Rehearsal time
    4:10pmBreak 20 show prep
    4:30pmOpening SongYou've Got a Friend In Me5Annette LambrechtMC by Laura Lewis
    4:35pmIntroduce group 5Laura Lewis 
    4:40pmPerform Set 10 Surround Sound
    4:50pmIntroduce group 2Laura Lewis 
    4:52pmPerform Set 10Annette LambrechtWindsong
    5:02pmIntroduce group 2Laura Lewis 
    5:04pmPerform Set 10Julie PalagiGreeley Harmonix
    5:14pmIntroduce group 3Laura Lewis 
    5:17pmPerform Set 10Laura LewisThe Blend
    5:27pmIntroduce song 2Laura Lewisclosing
    5:29pmClosing SongOptimistic Voices_Regional Song (B♭)8 reprise and closing
    Program Duration: 457 minutes; Finish time: 5:37pm
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